You Look After The Business, We Look After The Books

As we are a network of book-keepers, we can give continuity of service, plus we are always there to support each other - so you're getting the benefit of a pool of experience.

What is the benefit of using Boogles Bookkeeping Ltd (a Book Keeping Service) as opposed to a self employed bookkeeper or an employed bookkeeper?

By outsourcing you solve the problem of hiring and save a shed load of time. (You may have realised this already, if you've already tried to hire). Your work can be shared with a team so that if one person leave you will not suffer an interruption of service.

Why should I use Boogles Bookkeeping Ltd?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Boogles can save you hiring, training, payroll and overhead costs, plus it can free up your time. As a business owner, your time is best spent doing what you do well - which is working with the customers. And you should focus your resources on important tasks that add value to that customer relationship.

Boogles Founder Lisa Newton is licensed and regulated by the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) under licence number 4033.

Why should I get a boogle?

You should get in a boogle, because you may find that you waste a lot of time searching for a bookkeeper and get nowhere. Bookkeeping is our domain. It's our specialist subject. As bookkeeping is a non-revenue producing activity,  what you want is a reliable bookkeeping service that can just deliver - so that you don't loose sleep over it. A recruitment agency will not understand what a bookkeeper does the way we do. A self-employed bookkeeper may not have the back-up resources to provide a continuity of service the way we can. Other bookkeeping companies may not have someone local to you as we might. Give us a ring, and we'll try and help. We are quite a friendly bunch.

What have previous clients said about Boogles?

"I love working with Boogles. Our Bookkeeper is fantastic, and did wonders for us. It's great value for money, and we are very happy!" Natalie, Global Angels

"I'm so glad we did this. I wish we'd done it earlier." Charles, Battersea Fields

"Patrizia has done a really good job getting our accounts into order." Alex, Digital White

"She [Sara] is an invaluable member of our team and an extremely generous and hardworking individual." Arline, The Generating Company

"I'm so glad we don't have to do this now." Marlene, Bermondsey Community Nursery

"Ariana has been good, and shown great enthusiasm and dedication to tasks." Richard, Snappy Snaps

"Ken is absolutely wonderful. We don't know where we would be without him. Boogles are extremely efficient, found Ken quickly for us, with no hassle and we would not only use them again but happily recommend them." , Heathgate Estate Agents

"Cost effective in both time and money." BX Merchandise

"We made our VAT returns etc., on time and things were collected and returned in a timely manner." Trend Invest

"Smritee is an amazing book-keeper and  I love working with her." Vitality

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