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Continuity of Practice - Bookkeeping Cover

Are you a freelance bookkeeper? Do you need bookkeeping cover for your clients for holiday ? Sickness leave? Maternity cover? Or do you just need a short break to sort yourself out, and want a business to come back to?

If you've read our book, 'How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business. And Be Successful' then you'll be aware of the importance of having cover with someone trustworthy and reliable. We won't poach your clients. We're not interested in stabbing you in the back or destroying what you've spent years to build. We know and understand your problem. We get it. We work with integrity.

You can approach us with any cover needs you have in the strictest of confidence. You can tell your clients that you're having a break, and that you will return. [We have a template letter that you can use for this]. In the meantime, you've arranged cover for them and there'll be no interruption to their service. You can handover to us one client - see how it goes. When your confidence is established, hand over the rest. And take the well-deserved rest that you need.

Email us: and let us know:

  • your area,
  • software used, and
  • dates you'll be away
We'll get back to you with a solution. We'll both sign a continuity of practice agreement.

We can pay you 10% residual income.

So, if you normally bill your client £20 per hour - (we'll stick to the same terms you have with them - no price increase), and you'll be paid £2 per hour for every hour we are paid by that client, until we hand the client back to you. It's that simple.