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We are all bookkeepers, and we operate as a bookkeeping service provider aimed at the busy small owner manager, sole trader, charity or specific profession e.g. Dentist, Architect, singers etc.,

Unlike some companies that you may come across, we are not an agency. We are all qualified book keepers. We are a team of experienced book keepers. We all get involved with doing book keeping work, so we all know and understand your problem....

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At Boogles we do bookkeeping with a difference. And being a well established bookkeeping company - covering a lot of territories, what we find is that we are the leaders in our field. We're on top of our game. So, if you want expert bookkeepers in your business.... then you've come to the right place. We've reinvented bookkeeping. And in the words of Richard Branson (our hero) "You have to be so damn good, that they just can't take their eyes off you" ... and guess what? They can't.... we have books, games, songs, videos....

We normally work on site, and so are happy to arrange to visit you. This means that we come in, roll up our sleeves and get involved. with helping you in your business. Fortunately for you, we're not the most expensive in our field. Our prices are extremely reasonable. "Cheap" even! And thats because we don't believe in ripping people off. That's not us. It's not our core value. We believe in giving a decent service at a reasonable price.

If you prefer to, you can send in your stuff to us, we'll process it in our office and then send it back to you.

YES Boogles !!! I want some of that!

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There is plenty of information about us on this website... so do take your time and have a browse. We've found that some of this stuff is so good, that other people have been copying our content. But thats what you tend to find, when you're leading the game. If you want an innovative company on your side, in your business, helping you....we'd be delighted to come on board. One of our senior team can even sit on your board - to help advise you on making more money.

We love working with entrepreneurs and business people - even the scary 'Dragon's Den' types! We understand business people. Your time is very precious to you - and you need to be getting on with running your business... and not getting bogged down with the receipts and paperwork.

Whatever you do... don't leave it, because it will not sort itself out. Now, if its 1 o'clock in the morning (and this thing is keeping you awake at night), and you've decided to have a browse to try and find a bookkeeper.... then you may want to have a chat with someone.  Do ring our bookkeeping emergency 24 hour helpline: 07854 216 482.

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We guarantee that if we are engrossed in some important number crunching and we don't pick up, then we'll certainly get back to you if you leave us your name and number.

AWARD WINNING entrepreneurs support us.


Boogles are not your average bookkeeping company. So do take your time and read through our website because we have a lot to offer. Make sure you listen to our book-keeping song, read our book-keeping book, write feedback on our book-keepers blog and join our book-keepers fanclub!

Send us an SMS on 07854 216 482

We are proud supporters of the Make Your Mark campaign (encouraging young people to have ideas and be enterprising). 

We are members of the FindMeABookkeeper network.

We've got a lot more going on than that. We've written a song (its on you tube) We've developed a maths game for children  (sold  in our e-shop) and we've written books   aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs and business students.

Useful books which we recommend:

Quickbooks Online - The Handbook on AMAZON

and also on the website - see:

The Boogles ethos is simple. We're here to give you a hand with your business, and to help you make a success of it. The paperwork can be a bit of a nightmare, and this is where a good bookkeeper can really make a difference. We'll work in your office, or  at your place of work, alongside you to help.

Chances are, you've either got receipts coming out your ears, and are tired of the chaos, and want to get it sorted out, OR you are doing everything yourself now, and just don't have time in your life because you are getting too busy and need to pass this job onto a reliable  person OR you've tried passing this stuff on before, and they just sat on it and did nothing (but charged you for the privilege) OR you had someone before, they made a bodge of it... and now you're pulling your hair out, or you are just starting out, and doing the right thing, by trying to get organised from the off set.

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Perhaps you had a book-keeper before who was brilliant, but had to leave (maternity, retirement, relocation or they got too expensive), or maybe you had a nightmare situation, and are reluctant 'to go through all that again' . Perhaps you've already tried to find someone, and it just proved too difficult, (recruiting for a part time role can take up a disproportionate amount of your time. Or, perhaps you just want to see what else is out there. Either way - rest assured, we CAN help you out.

Watch our Boogles Video - which explains how our bookkeeping service works. It plays on windows media file.

Listen to the reasons behind why a lot of small businesses get devastated by their bookkeeping - click here

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We cover the following areas in London:

SE1 - SE10
SW1 - SW10
NW1 - NW10
NE1 - NE10
EC1 - EC10
WC1 - WC10
N1 - N10
W1 - W10
E1 - E17

We cover Nottingham:
NG1, NG2, NG3,
NG4, NG5, NG6,
NG7, NG8

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London based bookkeepers Boogles Ltd, provide bookkeeping services, accounting and money management throughout the London, UK area, such as Camden, Brent, Hackney, Lambeth, Greenwich, Southwark, Old Street, Clapham, Wimbledon, Fulham, Sheoherd Bush, Ruislip, Ealing, Hammersmith, South Kensington, Westminster, Wembley, Harrow, Uxbridge, Green Park, Picadilly Circus, Homerton, Borough, Bermondsey, Canary Wharf, Angel, Finchley, Colindale, Eastway, Hampstead, Camden, Kings Cross, Barbican, Farringdon, Oxford Circus, Aldgate East, Clapton, Farringdon, Tower Hill, Plaistow, \beckton, Bow Road, Mile End, Leyton, Bethnal Green, Stratford, Dalston, Walthomstow, Tufnell Park, Archway, Euston Square, Kilburn, Richmond, Waterloo, High Street Kensington, Southwark, St Pauls, Moorgate, Cannon Street, Enfield, Harrow, Lambeth, Camden, Islington, Croydon, Barnet, Kensington and Chelsea, Harringey, Lewisham, Southall, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, Stratford, East London, Farringdon, Holborn, Dagenham and Lewisham, for the busy SME owner / manager who has 101 other things they'd rather be doing than the bookkeeping.

Post codes: SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE8, SE9, SE10, SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW10, SW11, SW17, SW18, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, E10, N1, N2, N3. N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N20, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW4, NW5, NW6, NW7, NW8, NW9, NW10, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W13, W14, W15, W16, W17, W18, W19, W20,  EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, EC5, EC6, EC7, EC8, EC9, EC10, WC1, WC2, WC3, WC4, WC5, WC6, WC7, WC8, WC9, WC10, West London, East London, South London, North London

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