You Look After The Business, We Look After The Books

Dentist Bookkeeping

We do bookkeeping for dentists in London e.g. Harley Street and other areas. Many dentists are snowed under, just with seeing patients, and getting them sorted out. The dental receptionists are great with the administration, and making sure that people make and keep their appointments, and we do the books.

Our dental bookkeepers work very much like our normal bookkeepers - we can come on site on a part time basis e.g. a few hours a day, or 1 day a month - it all depends on the workload. We'll keep on top of the bank statements, the invoices, the bills and (in some cases the payroll).

Many people train for many years in a profession, e.g. dentist, doctor, architect, solicitor etc., so it's just not worth their time to try and sort of the receipts - they're better off working on jobs which they were trained to do. The office manager / receptionist doesn't have numbers as a strong point, or they have enough on their plate, or you don't want them to have access to the sensitive information of knowing how much everyone gets paid - and this is where getting in a dentists bookkeeper can really help you.

We operate as a bookkeeping service provider aimed at helping the busy practice manager, to keep on top of things.

Please download free our e-booklet bookkeeping for Dentists.