You Look After The Business, We Look After The Books

We'll match you to one of our book-keepers located the closest to you, who has the spare capacity to manage your ongoing bookkeeping requirements, who uses the same system that you work with and who preferably has experience of your business type.

As a team, we all keep diaries, and have a duty of care to manage our allocated clients.


You will send in your items to us - and we'll process them at our place, and send them back to you. It's that simple.
We are available on a part-time, ad-hoc, ongoing, flexible basis - we don't tie you in to a long term contract, nor do we charge for travel time or postage. Call us when you need us.

If you wish to go ahead with our service, we'll charge you an admin fee of £35 to set up the account, we'll send you out a letter of engagement, and we'll also send you our terms of business by email - which is HERE.

We invoice fortnightly and collect by Direct Debit  in 14 days.

Clients who choose not to be on our direct debit scheme  will have the bookkeeping price of £29ph plus VAT. Those who do sign up to our DD make a significant saving. For non DD's our terms will be upon receipt if paying by cheque - and if  paying my direct transfer, BACS, cash or debit card or credit card - then the terms are 7 days.