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Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does your bookkeeping service work?

Watch the Boogles Bookkeeper Video - about 1 min long, to see how we work.

It's helpful if we can have a quick chat (call us on 020 3371 8894). we can get an idea of your business - what industry you are in, what system you are on, how much time you think you'll need for the job -  and then we see how we can help.

We invoice fortnightly and collect by   in 14 days.

We can accept payment by credit or debit cards. Just phone us on 020 3371 8894 to make a payment.

As we are a network of book-keepers, we can give continuity of service, plus we are always there to support each other - so you're getting the benefit of a pool of experience.

Our TERMS OF BUSINESS are available here.

Are you insured ?

Yes, Boogles has professional indemnity and employers liability and public liability insurance cover with Cobine Carmelson.

Why should I use Boogles Bookkeeping Ltd?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Boogles can save you hiring, training, payroll and overhead costs, plus it can free up your time. As a business owner, your time is best spent doing what you do well - which is working with the customers. And you should focus your resources on important tasks that add value to that customer relationship.

      Boogles Founder Lisa Newton is a fellow member of the

I am an accountant / company working with small businesses, and I'm always being asked for bookkeepers. Do you have some sort of referral scheme for me?

Yes. We work with various accountants, business advisors, business coaches, local bookkeepers etc., who refer work to us. Normally, for accountants, because "bookkeeping" is not not their core business, (they're not interested in invoicing it, or chasing it), then we work on a commission basis. We've also found our rates to be more competitive than what the accountant can offer, and so they are happy to refer us the business. It also means, we're making their life easier, because you know when you get the back-up from a boogles bookkeeper, you can pretty much rely on it's accuracy.

Our Commission Schedule is available for download.

I am a self employed bookkeeper. Does Boogles have more work than it can manage? Do you want to outsource to me?

Currently, because of the way we are operating, and the constant applications we receive from people looking for work, we don't tend to use self-employed labour as a resource. We would recommend that self-employed contractors contact accountants, who always seem to be looking for bookkeepers.

Do you have a brochure?

Download the Brochure here.

Where does the name "Boogles" come from?

The name "Boogles" doesn't "mean" anything. It was a name one of the founding directors liked, and had in mind since the early 1990s and is not connected to or has any association or was influenced by Google.

Why should I get a book keeper?

Companies and the self-employed are required by law to ensure that all financial records concerning their business is maintained at all time, so the book-keeping role should be integral to a well run operation.

You don't HAVE to get in a bookkeeper, but it's to be recommended if your desk looks anything like this...

and you have difficulty locating things e.g. invoices, bank statements etc.,

But my partner / friend / lover / mum does my books. Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Sometimes people have friends and family who help them in their business - to save on costs, and for all hands to be on deck - which is great.... but if the bookkeeper, isn't actually a bookkeeper, or competent on using software, and so are doing things in their own way, or the way they think is best - this might not be very efficient. If this is the case, then we would recommend one of our one day bookkeeping courses to them. At least then, you have the peace of mind, that you've been taught by the pro's.

What do book keepers do?

Typically the book keeper will provide a 'trial balance' every month or quarter. This will show whether or not there is a profit, and will dictate who can get paid. To take it a step further, a bookkeeper can prepare a cashflow projection... so that you can see in advance where you are heading, and take some preventative steps NOW to stop problems from occuring. Everything input into the system assists in preparing Inland Revenue forms - such as the self assessment, or the VAT return, or knowing how much TAX and NI to pay.

What is the difference between a book keeper and an accountant?

An accountant is more qualified. They are trained to consider tax strategies - long term planning such as inheritance tax, efficient schemes, and they add value particularly when it comes to these things. You should not be using your accountant as your book keeper. It's a job far too simple for them, and they won't appreciate it. Bookkeepers keep records of incomes and payments. Your accountant is better placed to deal with the HMRC enquiries and investigations.

What are the qualities to look for when you find a good book keeper?

Reliable, honest, discreet, trustworthy and good attention to detail. You want someone who can deal with the financial administration, have common sense, and will keep an eye on the bottom line, pointing out any leaks to you. They need to be able to tell it to you, like it is. No beating about the bush.

I have no money to pay you. Could we swap services?

Depending upon the type of service you offer, then we might be interested in swapping services e.g. business coaches, restaurants, marketing consultants, networking companies, printers, IT technicians, gyms - we would be interested in coming to an arrangement to 'swap services' with you.

What TIPS can you give me for doing by bookkeeping?

Can you come in & do an in-house training session for our staff ?

Yes. Our hourly training rate is £85 ph plus VAT.  We do a minimum call-out of 2 hours. Our half day training rate is £300. This is a 4 hour slot, consisting of one 10 minute breaks. We can our course delivery to meet your needs.

I've had an unsatisfactory experience. How do I make a complaint?

Please download our complaints form, and we'll do a thorough investigation.

Listen here to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad talk about the qualities of a good accountant & why it's important to understand the numbers.

Our initial 1/2 hour consultation by phone is free.

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