You Look After The Business, We Look After The Books

Bookkeeping Agency Placement Service - MatchMakers

Due to popular demand, we've opened a new line on the Boogles Menu. We can help you find a full time bookkeeper / semi-full-time 25-30 hours a week for your organisation.

We work with bookkeepers all day, every day. We work with different types of clients all day, every day.

Some clients we've trained their staff - their staff are leaving - and so then they've approached us to see if we can help them find a replacement. It makes sense - we get in CVs everyday. We understand what you're looking for. Chances are, we understand your business better than most - and for this reason, we're in a unique position to find you the bookkeeper you need.

Unlike other bookkeeping agencies who may offer this service - you'll find that we're slightly different. Not only are we all bookkeepers, but all of our staff get to attend all of our bookkeeping training days for free. And so, we can, do and will (at our own expense), whilst they're on our team - train them up to a level where they'll be able to do your books very competently.

You can continue to use our boogles bookkeeping service - no problem. Or you can pay the 22% of the annual salary (agents finders fee) and employ them yourselves.

All we need is a job description / person specification of the candidate - and we'll look at what we can do for you. We'd suggest you try them out for 30, 60 or 90 days. They'd be our staff, on our payroll, supported by us and trained by us. For some clients - this works best and there's little point in changing. For others, (full time positions), some clients will then want to take on the bookkeeper. We will then issue an invoice for the finders fee. Once paid, the transfer is made.

There is no risk to you. You're not locked in. If you don't like the bookkeeper after one day - you don't have to have them back. You don't "have" to give any notice.

Please just email: with the "Agents Person / Job Spec" in the title - and we'll get looking.

Via our bookkeeping school and the piles of CVs we receive and the bookkeepers who we know, have seen, have spoken to, have tested, have interviewed and have trained... we know we can find you someone very suitable.