You Look After The Business, We Look After The Books

The Boogles Story

At Boogles Bookkeeping Ltd, we work with small businesses / owner managers who have a problem with their paperwork and receipts. What we do is we go in, on site and sort you out by implementing our boogles bookkeeping system so that the problem is taken away from you.

This means that you don't have to worry about it, which means that you have more time to work ON your business by doing the do - which is what you are good at.

We do bookkeeping on-site and off-site across the UK.

When running your own business the importance of 'Money Management' cannot be understated. You need to either keep an eye on your expenses and where your money is going... or hire a book-keeper to do this for you.

The difference between being an employee and working for yourself, is that when you run your own business EVERYONE gets paid before you do... the rent, the rates, the telephone, the staff, the advertising... they all get paid... you get paid out of whats left... the PROFIT (if there is any)!

We sell Boogles Merchandise (T-Shirts, Cups, Bags) via our spreadshirt online shop. And we sell books via our e-shop.

Our 10 Core Values / The things we believe in, are:

  1. Offer good value for money
  2. Treat people fairly
  3. Embrace all nations into the Boogles family
  4. Don't bamboozle anyone with unnecessary jargon... keep it simple
  5. Run on a shoestring - less is more - again, keep it simple
  6. Be friendly
  7. Be different... who says bookkeepers are boring?! We're not boring!!
  8. Variety is the spice of life... hence, it's not just bookkeeping that we do... we do a lot more besides
  9. Deliver
  10. Be humble. No-one likes a show-off.

To recap, we do basic bookkeeping. This is:

  • Entering receipts
  • Processing payments
  • Reconciling the bank account

Do you want to get bogged down with the mundane financial administration? or be on the phone chasing debt? or be trying to work out which invoices are paid and unpaid? Or would you rather be generating new business?

Leave the book keeping to us, and do what you do best - and take care of the business.