You Look After The Business, We Look After The Books

On-site Training / Consulting on your System

With on-site training, we'll use the data and the system that you use. There is little point in using 'dummy data' if, what you really need, is to see if:

a) You've been entering the data properly

b) To correct anything which is incorrect

c) To know exactly how to enter transactions properly going forward

We'd ask you to bullet point ALL ITEMS that you wish to cover, so that we can create a plan (prior to arrival) of what we need to go over. There is a 2 hour minimum charge, and on-site bookkeeping training is £85 per hour. We normally would do two hours training on site, with a further two hours quickbooks training a few weeks later.

OFF-site Training / Consulting on your System

With off-site training, we'll use a platform whereby we can share screens - so either we can view your screen from our office, or we can let you in to share our screen from where we are. You need to have good internet connection.

You can then show us the issues you're having / ask the questions you have.

We'd ask you to send us your list of questions / queries beforehand. There is NO minimum time. Some people literally need five minutes to ask a quick question. We charge £60 per hour. We charge to the minute. We use time recording software and screenshot this with the invoice.

The 5 minutes you spend with us, getting your questions answered, could save you hours, trying to figure things out by yourself.